Mandatory Public Disclosure




1.       Students are required to report to school always in the prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniforms as given below.  Strict adherence to the following specifications is expected from the pupils.

2.       Pupils with unkempt hair styles would be prevented from attending school.  Wind cheaters and jackets to be allowed only for travel and not within the school premises.

3.       Shoes must be of simple black leather.  Boys are to wear shoes with laces.  Slip-ons are not allowed. 

4.       The school belt and Identity card are essential parts of the school uniform.

5.       Simple watches are allowed to be worn by students of class 7th onwards.   

1.       Trousers must be according to School specification.
2.       Boys are not to wear coloured vests. Only white vests are allowed.