Mandatory Public Disclosure

Promotion policy

1. Promotion from one standard to another is made at the end of the School academic year on the basis of the child’s performance in the whole year’s work. It also depends upon:
(a) Regularity in attendance. 
(b) Regularity and quality of day-to-day participation in the class.
(c) Opinion of teachers in the class.
(d) Written work and projects assigned by the subject teachers.
(e) Office records.
2. To be eligible for promotion, the child must secure at least 40% in the aggregate in each subject.
3. In case a pupil is absent in a subject or an examination he/she will not be re-examined under any circumstances. In such cases, promotion of the deserving pupils will be decided on the strength of the examination they have already appeared for and the whole year’s performance.
4. Absence from one or more subjects involves a loss of marks for these subjects