Mandatory Public Disclosure


The school has a large fleet of 17 owned buses and 5 hired school vehicles to ensure safe and comfortable commutation for the staff and the students.

Transport rules :
1.      The driver or conductor will close the bus door after all the students & staff have boarded the bus before leaving the campus.
2.      Be seated disciplined and quiet manner.
3.      No noise and pranks are allowed in the bus.
4.      Avoid eating drinking or littering the floor in the bus.
5.     Be obedient and polite to the bus staff and wait patiently for the driver or conductor to open the bus door for you to alight
6.      Never put your hand or head out of the bus window or door.
7.      After you alight at stops keep a safe distance from the bus till it moves onwards.
Rules for Drivers :
* Smart phone is an essential accessory for tracking.
* Wash vehicles at the washing site only.
* Maintain Regular cleaning , maintenance and records , needed repairs.
* Leave the premises with prior permission only.
* Take Lunch /Brunch in the fixed break only.
* Don`t access to building  corridors except while collecting students from the Pre-school.
* Park the vehicles in the orderly manner in the alloted lot onlyOrderly parking in the allotted lot.
* Leave may be obtained with prior sanction atleast 2 days in advance.
* Driver to be in the vehicle when waiting for students to board (No gossiping).
* No smoking/drinking is allowed on duty and on the premises.